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Spread Joy and Stay Inspired!

Hello there! My name is Vanessa Kay and I'm the founder of Earth Sprite Art. My purpose behind Earth Sprite is to help inspire joy through my art, designs, and infatuation with nature. 

As a mother, wife, step-mother, step-grandmother, and full-time World Languages teacher, I have a life that is full, vibrant, and yes, extremely busy! There are times when I feel overwhelmed with alI that life's adventures bring my way. Finding joy and gratitude through the beauty of nature and the joy of creating art, helps me live to my fullest. I enjoy hearing my loved ones laugh, making people smile, reading, going to concerts, traveling, crocheting, sewing, making music, and, of course, reveling in nature's beauty.

Be sure to check out my art collection and inspiration section. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or requests. I also do commissions! 

I hope you find much joy through Earth Sprite Art! Have an inspired day!

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